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Ghost Comm ITC Dates

March 20th 2011.
First day of spring.
Date Delynn was baptized.

March 21st 2021. Today.
3, 21, is the Ghost Comm ITC code 321.

June 2, 2013
The day of the photograph of a cloud the looked like the Ghost Comm sighting. 
Saint Feast Day. 

July 13, 1960.
Delynn's DOB.
7-13 The 2nd Fatima message.
1960 the 3rd Fatima message was not to be opened until or after 1960.

September 29, 2013.
The date of the Ghost Comm ITC sighting.

Saturday, March 20, 2021



Today is March 20, 2021, the first day of spring. 
I was baptized on 3-20-2011 at the age of 51. It's been 10 years. 
 So today, March 20th, is a big day for me. I've been trying to make legitimate mathematical connections to the Ghost Comm ITC code and today I finally did it.

This is what I found today...


51*2= (102, a misc #?) using the 321 binary # is divided by 102, like this  321/102=3.14+ = Pi.
321 digitally was converted from  the ghost comm ITC, instramental trans communication, dinary code 101 000 001.
Where 51 is the age I was baptized. 321 is the numbers of the date I was baptized, 3-20-11. And also well known to mankind is Pi number value of 3.14159.
Phi = golden mean ratio is 1.618/.5151 = 3.14+, close enough
 1.618 x 3.14159265358979 .5151
51 being the age I was baptized
Really close and interesting how the numbers worked out
*** My baptized age 51.

0.515040585 x 3.1415 Pi = 1.618 Phi.
1.618 Phi / 0.515040585 = 3.1415 Pi.
1.618 Phi / 3.1415 = .515040585. A fraction but still the number 51, the age I was baptized.

The area of a circle is equal to Pi, 3.1415 times the radius squared...
Substitute in the value of the radius  into the formula for the area of a circlePi is approximately equal to .

0.515040585 = .51.
51+50+40+58+5=204 or 2+0+4=6.
*51 being the age I was baptized.

Gematria. Hebrew alphabet the 
6 is Vav.
one, six and 13.
Hook, together, connect.
Higher, middle and lower.
Future, present and past.

Divide the Golden Mean Ratio by the age I was baptized to get pi. Wow! Eureka, I've finally found it! 

51 is my age I was baptized divided by *102 is Pi & 1.1618 divided by my age I was baptized is Pi.
Phi = golden mean ratio is 1.618+.
Pi = 3.1415+.
*102 is a miscellaneous number but it is in the reverse, hebrew reads in reverse,  of the binary Ghost Comm ITC code positional number amounts of 1's and zeros. So,
101 000 001.
*2    0     1  = *The amount of ones. *102.
  1    3     2 = The amount of zeros.
 3    3    3 = 9. Misc. basic addition.
or like 3, 6, 9.

Let's backup a bit to the reason this blog existes. Let's learn the haunted story behind the math.


On Sept 29, 2013, archangel feast day, I saw a ghost who left me Morse code and binary code also known as ITC, INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION.  I'm an former communications and electronic technician while angels are God's messengers.

Through doodling, I found out I was born on archangel Gabriel's Day July 13th,  also March 24, and for Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, a divine message, the second message was on 7-13 my physical date of birth and the third Fatima message was not to be opened until 1960 which is the year I was born.

The Ghost Comm ITC, ITC means Instrumental Trans-communication, is the a Morse code and/or binary code found on the recorder the night I walked into a public bathroom and saw a male ghost walk out the bathroom stall, then he vaporized. He was causation, short blonde hair, white long sleeve shirt, best and slacks.
 That vaper shrunk to about 4 feet then collected in on itself around the corner wall towards the sinks.

The Morse code translates to -.- ... ..-  is Morse code and the position numbers are 11, 19, 21 and the binary code is 101 000 001 or 321. The dates and my age also apply.
In numerology, 1+1=2, 1+9=10 reduces to 1, 2+1=3 for 213, like the year 2013 the ghost sighting occurred and 2+1+3=6.
Likewise 321 reduces to 

Here are some souvenirs just for fun.

Click on the words to learn more about these topics, PhiPi, Morse code, and binary code.


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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

On 2013 Sept 29, archangel feast day, I saw a ghost in the girl's bathroom. At this event 9-29-13 at 00:09:29, date and time of this ghost sighting, left ITC, instrumental telecommunication, in both Morse code and binary code.


For this, we will examine the binary code -.- ... ..- as 101 000 001 that converts digitally to 321.

Numerology is a math process of reducing  numbers to lowest value.
 So 300+20+1=321 then to reduce in numerology is 3+2+1=6.

These are enough 3 sets of numbers  involved in the ghost comm sighting to create 3 Flowers of Live geometric symbols.
#1. date of the ghost sighting 9+29-13=51=5+1=6,
#2 the binary converted to a digital number 321,
#3. the Hebrew number 3+2+1, 
#4. My age I was baptized, 51.
#5. the year of the ghost comm ITC sighting 2013, 
#6. the date I was baptized 3+20+11.
Create the 2 sixes needed to create 2 flowers of live.
#7. There are 6 zeros in the dinary code. 101 000 001.
#8. The number of the ones and zeros by position are 6...
101 000 001
  2.     0.    1 = 3 ones.
  1.     0.    2 = 3 zeros.
------------------= 6
  3. + 0  + 3 = 6
*These numbers to create O, or holy Is with 3 zeros across and 3 zeros downward.

The Main Numbers are, the date, the ITC Morse and binary codes.

The ghost sighting date is 09+29+13=51, and reduces to 5+1=6.

11+19+21=51 reduces to 6.

101,000,001 binary converts digitally to 321 then assigned to  Hebrew alphabet is 309=SH, 20=KAF 2=ALEF, reduces to 3+2+1=6.

Geometrically, these 3 sixes is all that is needed to create the Flower of Life.

Or the mark of the beast, 666

I was bitten on the foot at the ackle by a snake when I was about 11 years old. Genesis 3:15

The Bible scripture says, A woman who was bitten by a snake in the foot. (Genesis 1:11) 

Moses used the snake on a staff to heal the people which is used today as the medical symbol. Numbers 21:4-9.

The two snakes are also suggested of DNA. Caduceus

Ghost Comm ITC Code


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