Friday, November 19, 2021

Lunar Eclipse

A historical lunar eclipse occured today, 11-19-2021, which is the same as the Morse code from the Sept 29, 2013 Ghost COMM ITC Code on archangel feast day when a ghost revealed a message.

The Morse code is 11, 19, 21 and is K, S, U. (The binary code is 101 000 001 and converts to 321.) 

Referring to the time chart below that  shows how the the Morse code polar opposites are added up to 360 divided by 39, the missing number is 321 the binary code.
And the Sept 29, 2013 "date as 09-29-13" is the remaining polar opposites.

Like Tesla's 123 message, this message also has a 321 or 123 and  Fibenocci's 01, 1, 2, 3... type sequence, it is also my baptized date in number order, 03-20-11.  When the Morse code and date of occureance is added up, both equal 51. 51*2=102. 321/102=Pi 3.14 and π 3.1415 x .5151= Phi 1.618+. 
 It's many things so check out the other blog code topics found since 2013.

I saw a ghost who left a message in Morse or binary code and this blog is what I've found is familiar to mankind.

Check back for updates.