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Mathematically the GHR GHOST ITC CODE reveals more and more.

On September 29th of 2013, 09+29+13=52, I saw a male ghost walk out of a hotel bathroom stall. He vaporized then that vapor shrunk down like a solid mass collecting in on itself as it moved past the corner of a wall.

Why do ghost show themselves? I didn't know.

I'm following Dan Winter and Terry Barns in a FB group to learn more about Enochian angel science because I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51 who left Morse code 11+19+21= 51, of my DOB & my home address). Also, a date of a lunar eclipse, (51+51=102), Nobel number on periodic table, and the my baptized age. My DOB, (who I share with John Dee, employed my Queen Elizabeth I,)  also equals the code. My birthday also share with 2 of the Fatima the Miracle of the Sun is 7-13 & 1960,  is archangel Gabriel's Day, a communicator, I was a comm tech.

Mathematically, my DOB  
6+13=19, & 
the Morse code that also equals is 
Phi, 7.13/1.618=11+, 

Euler's Constant 7.13/2.718=19+ 

Pi 7.13/3(-.14)=21+. 

√51=7.14 pointing close enough.

Planck 6.62607015×10^(−34) x 9.29 (is archangel Michael Day is archangel angel feast day)= 7.13+ is July 13 is John Dee's date of birth, my DOB too.
John Dee worked for Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I, or her cousin, my mom said we are related, took the throne on the 321 day of the year, 11-17.

1+1+2+3 mom's, like DOB the Fibenocci sequence, is a palendron of the binary code. When placing the numbers on a unit circle the date line up to my Grand Aspect Zodiac birth chart. And each of my family's Zodiac gemstone in my mom's wedding ring.

 The Morse code converts to binary 101000001=321, (Shin, Koph, Alef.) (Or 1.01 hydrogen atomic mass & GPS 101 latitude; 48 longitude.) Also, like 1s & 0s of magnetism Torus, VSM, motor Vector Switch Modulation.)

Remarkably the binary equivalent related, Sh, K, A= as a palendron also reads A,K,Sh = Atika Kadisha Shaddai the ancient holy one God Almighty or Adam Kadmen Soul-light or Shachah, to worship or bow down, Sh,K,A.

Codes between holy dates. 

QUESTION: Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
    Please reply with some vocabulary, science or anything etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



101000001= Unix time.
Unix time 101000001 is equal to Wednesday March 14, 1973, 11:33:21 p.m. GMT.

July 13, 1960 to
March 14, 1987
Is 320 months +1day.

****March 14 = (3.14)
3.14, π = 3.14159....


7/13/1960+320 months plus 1 day is March 14, 1987. Is Pi Day π 3.14.

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New reference material.
Whole body sacred geometry by Jain108.
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