From the Ghost Comm, a binary and Morse code communications on Sept. 29, 2013, archangel feast day, 101,000,001 binary code or 11,19,21 Morse code, to ancient Hebrew alphabet/binary code of Shin=#300, Kaf#=20, Alef=#1 or Sh, K, A, Nekudo Hebrew alphabet dot dashes assist in reading, to the hexagon, a 6 sided sign, to overlaying the Hebrew letters on the hexagon which revels the Xy-X or Xy-Y chromosomes of DNA/RNA. Using a 6 sided DNA/RNA chemical is Hydrogen.

Originally, I started this FB group because of a ghost sighting Sept 29, 2013. archangel feast day. The event revealed a EVP recording or a EPP electronic poltergeist phenomenon in Morse/binary code that that when the associated hebrew letter are overlaid on the Star of David it reveals the Xx and Xy chromosomes. This is an biblical article regarding Y chromosomes that link to biblical times. Enjoy.

*Linking to the chemical structure denoted by Lewis Diagrams in the video below. Using the references below.


Find the codes that are most familiar known to mankind to complete the code.

DNA/RNA Codon Charts

S, K, A = 300+20+1 = 321 = 101,000,001.
 *(Ghost Comm is a communications to decode.)
DNA to mRNA to tRNA to Amino Acids Chart in the above video.
S = Serine = AGC, AGU.
 s =  serine = ucu, ucc, uca ucg. 
K = Lysine = AAG, AAA.
A = Alanine = GCG, GCA, GCC, GCU.
A= Adenine.
G= Guanine.
U = Uracil.
*(U= Uracil are Messanger codon RNA=mRNA.)
**(DNA is made up of four bases Adenine Cytosine Guanine and Thymine.)

RNA Transfer tRNA symbol is a cross.

GATTAGA... DNA of the future? Just a movie or our future?

CRISPR, Cas9 genome editing technology, is an organisation that edits DNA. What editing, means for better health.


The Ghost Comm Communication for Reference

Ghost Comm was a poltergeist sound, EVP, electronic voice phenomenon is not correct as it was not a voice but a sound. So ESP can't be used as it already stands for another. But EPP, electronic poltergeist phenomenon works, EPP.

Because this EPP occurred on a biblical day, September 29, 2013, is archangel feist day, this decoding investigation is referencing only biblically.

Possibly where ones are the paired to elements and zero are omitted?
The binary code is 101,000,001/... -.- ..-   and Morse code is 11,19,21 or -.- ... ..-   
S = ...
K = -.-
A = .-
U = ..-

The binary code is 101,000,001 = ... -.- ..- is S, K, A as in DNA  and Morse code is 11,19,21 = -.- ... ..- is K, S, U as in RNA.

Other numerology combinations of the Ghost Code -.- ... ..- sound known to mankind is...
binary code by sound 101,000,001 are 2, 0, 1 or  1, 3, 2 or 1, 2, 3, or 3, 6, 9; 321 binary, 3.
Morse code, by position, 11,19,21 are added individually 2, 10/1, 3 or 6, or all added 51, etc.

Hebrew alphabet vowels Nikkud/Nikud are dots and dashes for example.

Ghost Comm Video example from Sept. 29, 2013.

...Check back for updates.