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Thursday, April 8, 2021

After Death Comm

After Death Communication

Dr. Ian Stevenson set a lock before he died to test after Death communication.

Dr Ian Stevenson MD worked at the Virginia University School of Medicine etc and  on Research Professor of Psychiatry firm 2002 until death. 

Also, Dr. Ian Stevenson founded and directed the university's Division of Perceptual  Studies. The investigation of the paranormal such as reincarnation and the after death experience.

Dr. Stevenson left a combination lock to be opened after his death.
Could the Ghost Comm ITC code open Dr Ian Stevenson's lock?

2021-04-08 Updated, I sent a letter to the current Division of Perception studies at the Virginia University today.

I will update this blog post when they reply. 

2021-04-09 Update, The University responded to my request to compare the Ghost Comm ITC with Dr. Ian Stevenson's lock with a automatic message. They will get back with me but there are too many email to reply to everyone. So no response. I'll have to try another approach. I'll update soon.

2021-04-17s UPDATE! 
I bought a lock like Dr. Ian Stevenson's lock. Link to Dr Stevenson's lock

This is a Sargent & Greenleaf Inc, Rochester, NY USA original lock

I researched the lock on Youtube to find there is a factory default combination, 10, 20, 30, 0. Here's how the code is found without a combinations on YoutubeThis is similar to the Ghost Comm ITC code of 321 or 123.
Therefore there is no reason to contact the After Death research university in Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies, to verify if, now deceased, Dr. Ian Stevenson's lock combination is the same or similar to any of the Ghost Comm ITC codes.

I'm satisfied the codes are similar enough. You can see below for yourself.
The Ghost Comm ITC code is 321 or 123 and similarly the Sargent Greenleaf lock factory default code is 10, 20, 30, 0.
The 321 is reversed, like in the Hebrew language, using 123, same numbers.


Ghost Comm ITC code... 
101 000 001=321 in binary then converted into digital and also is 11,19,21 in Morse code from a ghost sighting on 9-29-2013, on archangel feast day.

KSU in Morse or SKA in binary codes. KSU in Morse code is 11,19,21 and the SKA in binary code is 321 digitally converted from 101, 000, 001 are an ITC,  instrumental telecommunication,  message in archangel feast day 09-29-2013. 

When the Ghost Comm ITC code  101000001 is laid in 
a tic-tak-toe 3 row 3 column, 
like this
... it geometrically reveals a holy O or zero cross,
and the numbers make a right angle then creates the 777. 
7 on the outside, 7 in the center and 7 in the inner fold.
This geometric inner right angle can then be folded together to create a hexagon.
Then the Cancer constellation is overlaid onto the hexagon, it create a 3 dimensional cube.

Shows how the age of a second baptism
 age 51 blends with Pi and Phi.

More to come.