Thursday, December 30, 2021

Zodiac Geno

I'm researching my ghost sighting. I've been haunted with PAREIDOLIA, EVPs, ITCs, and poltergeists from 2013 through 2021. 

I saw a ghost on archangel feast day, date 09+29+13=51. He left an EVP Morse code message -•- ••• ••- is 11+19+21=51, also binary 101000001=321.

51 bringing the age of my second baptizm 3+20+11=binary code numbers 321 or 123.
321/102=Pi 3.14 

& 3.1415*.5151=Phi 1.618.

*102 Nobel, (1+2=3), is radioactive periodic table element. I survived thyroid cancer, like passover.

2xπx3.147058823=2020.411 and APRIL 11TH IS PASSOVER AND THE 102 DAY OF THE YEAR.

*321 the binary number  is Sh=300, Kaph=20, Alef=1 an ancient Hebrew is Ancient Holy One God Almighty.

The location is 48W, 101N, or 4+8=12(1+2=3) & 101 is both binary numbers.

*{The addition is Gematria, an old ancient numbering system.}

The numbers graph into a hexagon, the cardinal directions and on a 60 degree time clock circle create a unicursal hexagon, unicursal is cursive writing or continuous ink flow without picking up ink pen.)

The date of the ghost sighting, (09+29+13=51), and Morse code 11, 19, 21,(11+19+21=51), make a 6 point hexagon, and inside is the cardinal directions symbol which points to all 6 family members Zodiac signs.

What does it all mean?
I don't know that it does but I'm researching similarities into what mankind knows.

* Angels translates to communicators,  I was an communication technician, &.  I found out I was born on Archangel Gabriel's Day, the communication angel....and so much more.

Please, help me hack this code.

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Floater Spies

Floater Spy
by Delynn Addams

Spooky cuties, who are rare. 
Who are good little spirits from God knows where. 
Peering in when they dare are Floater Spies, who zip through the air. 
Waiting and watching, spy with care til you hear float away when you're too near.

After a decade of being hauntings, I created too cute digital Floater Spies.
I couldn't help myself. It's been so much fun creative and designing art and flyers inspired by the original ghostly impressions  photograph anomalies and paleidonia images. 
Next up, I hope to make a documentary film about my huantings. Not being a writer, it may take while.

Through this past year, I've learnt to create ads and flyers. I'm for hire with terms and conditions. Additionally, my recent accomplishments are building theme websites, blogs, theme ads and flyers, and social media marketing and group administrator and digital designs.
....I was so bored but not anymore because now I'm having a great time learning to create films.

I started this blog after seeing 1 ghost on Archangel Feast Day back in 2013 and what great ride it's been. 

Find your favorites Floater Spy apparel.

Check back for updates.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Date, Time, & Location

Date, Time, & Location by Numberology.

A ghost sighting occured on Archangel Feast Day, 
It's eighter an EVP or an ITC message on Archangel Feast Day.

*(51 = 11+19+21) The Morse code.

**(51= 09+29+13) Archangel Feast Day date.)

***(102= 51+51) My second baptizm. The holy key number.

AMy arrival time was 
12:03 am is also Binary Code & my
Departure time
12:15 am.

1+2+1+5=9 or 12+15=27(2+7=9) see how 9 is used below.

The Ghost Comm ITC occured at

48W, 101 N. Is the Latitude & Longitude.

Add the number in gematria style is 
4+8=12(1+2=3) Binary Code and 
1+0+1=2 or the binary code  (101000001=3) and (101000001/9=1,222,222.33).

*9 used from above.

So the Binary Code 321 or 123 is the location.

Here where it is on GPS. 

48 N, 101 W: North Dakota.

Check back for more updates.