Holy Cross

When the binary code is place in the tic tac toe or square grid, it creates a holy/zeros cross,

The code creates a holy cross.

1   0   1
0   0   0 - holy O's.
0   0   1
This doodle led me to the bible numbers.
Fold inside together makes a hexagon, center of the Star of David. The heart of the star of david, angel Metatron: Enochs son of Jarid, 6th generations to Adam and Eve,

3 number 1's.
6 number 0's.
369 is the adding by positions. 11+19=30+21=51.
369 = 101, 000, 001 = 321.
369 is a childhood nursery rhyme I played with
my deceased little sister at the camping grounds
we called, Heaven.