Morse Code

Morse code was created in the 1833 by Samuel Morse and since has been replaced by modern computers and internet, that use 1's and 0's to create the screen and text fonds of modern age,

The Ghost Comm code is similar in the it also relates to the Morse Code specifically K, S, U, 

 K  -.-     S ...     U  ..-

Continuing with the Morse code translates to K 11, S 19 and U 21, This 111921 was my former property address.

Likewise, the Morse code translates to the International Code of Signals as K as I want to communicate with you, S as moving astern, U as you are moving into danger,

The closest related code is KSA which is binary for 101 000 001 converts to digital 321.  So, SKA1, SKA2 and SKA3 are all Secret Key Algorithms also since replace and out dated. 

Similarly, 111 is known as a angel number and this ghost sightings was on 9-29-2013, September, was archangel feast day.

921 is similar to biblical scripture ???? 9:21 blow the Shofar horn also a biblical communication.

Moreover, numerologically 11, 19 and 21 added 11+19+21=51.  51 being the age of Delynn when she was baptised, who is witness the ghost on Sept 29, 2013, as does the date, 9+29+13=51.

Delynn, a former telecommunications and pc board level repair technician, immediately recognized to sound from the records and later found it is also referred to as ITC, Instrumental Telecommunication.

Date Ghost Comm Occurrences  

from 9+29+13=51. 
51 is the age of baptism on 3-20-2011 or 3 2 1 and similarly March 21th, or 3-21, is the summer equinox.
Morse code was 101-000-001 = 321: or 
    11,19,21 is K, S, U. for English Morse Code.
But 11, 19, 21 for Hebrew alphabet is A, K, S/Sh or
...S/Sh, K, A. convert to 321 from the binary code 101, 000, 001.  converts to 321 and is the basic equation to teach how to calculate binary remainders for PC communications. Like on a gold disc for a pc, Voyager.

111921, my address & member death.
129111, *.=? 11/19/21?
11, LETTER K or 1000 in Morse Code but in Hebrew is A.
19, LETTER S in Morse Code but in Hebrew is K.
21, LETTER U In Morse Code but in Hebrew is S/SH.
111, *
921, *
Morse Code Numerology: 1+9=10=1+0=11+1=2, 2+1=3 or 321 with a palindrome of 123.
Event date: 09/29/2013: Holy Archangel Day to blow horns, Numbers 29:1.
Arrival time: 12:03 am.
Event time: 00 hrs,  09 min. and 29 sec. or paridome to event date.
Departure time. 12:15 am.

Gematria is a ancient way of using numbers to create meaning by the Hebrew.


The ghost comm code is 101 000 001= 321 as binary and 111921 as Morse code,

3+2+1=6. Digital code.
1+4+1=6. 141 Octal conversion  of 321 digital code.
5+0+1=6. 501 Hexadecimal conversion of 321 digital code.
11+19+21=51 =51 (5+1=6).
09+29+13(-2000)=51 (5+1=6).
1+1+1+9+2+1=15 (1+5=6).

...more to come.