Poltergeist Index 

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2020 &  2019 poltergeist 1st index, 

Unknown start time.

  1. 2013? There is a picture of an extended hand grabber that fell on dining room floor at the rural home dining room where the 1st & 2nd poltergeist took place. Picture on floor with dining room ghost.
  2. 2016 to date, Countless miscellaneous kitchen objects fell to the floor on different occasions at my friend’s place. See after pictures.
  3. 20190505, Day of the Dead, Also Train day.  A poltergeist at my friends house. A box hit me on my hip, high, then hung up on my top of my left foot. My friend was present.  1 second before he said, “Bring it over,” the box hit me. On audio. After occurrence photos.
  4. 2019? A carpet fell next to my head while in bed. it then shook violently at front door. Hit the chair next to me shaking then fell to the floor.
  5. On Aug 29, 2019, one of the 1st at A shelf at the rural home in the dining room, shook. Only on audio, post pictures. 1st notable event.
  6. 2019 a 2nd poltergeist occurred at the same dining room area after I walked out of my bedroom. My moms. Ashes where in the north adjacent room.
  7. 2019 10-20 @ 6:45 pm At 58### dining room 2nd poltergeist,
  8. 2019 Date?  Mexican restaurant 58###, the towel paper followed me then the electric dispenser automatically turned on. Receipt.
  9. 2019 there are many poltergeist events in the kitchen at my friend’s home 58###.
  10. 2019 April I found a camera tripod from the fireplace mantel on the coffee table below.
  11. 2019 11-29, bag stood on its own corner, not its bottom or side in the rural home where 2 other poltergeist took place. Photo.
  12. 2019 June ish a solar light turned off. Video. Another time all solar lights turned off at the same time leaving me in the dark.
  13. 2019 1228 @ 3:12, water bottle fell to floor in front of me.
  14. 2020 0221 @ 9:26, a load pop under my foot while videoing I felt a hard thump under my right foot.
  15. 2020 0520, @ 6:45pm, The 2nd rural home dining room poltergeist occurred when the trash can spilt content to the floor. Also the caulking gun blow up making a startling load sound. Next day, friend had a flat tire.
  16. Countless backspacing every day when I type on my pc,
  17. 2019 12-06 @ 7:10 pm, or 11-30-2019@7:53pm, The broom shook violently then fell to the floor, and the dog reacted to it, 58###,
  18. 2020 01-30 @ 9:20pm? Or  02032020@3pm? Find date, At communion with pastor, the entire ND phone company grid dead when I clicked on pastors YouTube channel I was signed out. 58###.
  19. 2020 02-17 @ 5:13pm, I placed the Blueberry waffle box into the freezer. it fly back out at me past the left side of my head then fell to the floor behind me. The distance the box fell was the same lengths as a broom. Picture. After communion. 
  20. 2020 exact date? After communion, The dog yelped after running by the poltergeist bathroom area at a friend’s home and he also took a hard fall in their same are which had 3 other poltergeists.
  21. Date? 2018? Where shopping at Dollar store in south Bismarck ND, a section of the store’s products fell to the floor after I walked by.
  22. 2020 0518 loud snap noise from kitchen area, I didn’t see anything I was in my room.
  23. Date? Friend fell at bathroom poltergeist area at 58###.
  24. Date? Tissue fly past my head at refrigerator. Not sure where it came from. 58###.
  25. May ?29?, 2020, While shopping at Tractor supply propane hose fell catty corner at me between my feet in front of Amber the employee who refuses to talk about it. I was the hose I needed. Receipt.
  26. 20200528, I put the dog in the new recliner last night to look for ticks before bedtime but found my volt meter in that recliner in the morning? I don’t remember putting the volt meter in the recliner. Why would I? 29 to 30th is normal poltergeist days.
  27. 20200531 The radio battery died, so As I was changing the batteries in the radio, the basement door suddenly opened startling me and (my dog who barked at the basement door. On video.) A white light Orb is seen on hinge inside of basement door.
  28. 20200611 Dead tree branch’s at the door. *At my friends home there was a dead tree Lim leaning up against his steps when I got home there was also *another large dead branch in front of my door. *A man was driving around my rural home who my contractor  brought to my home See pictures. *Also my bank is locking up my card so I can’t spend money at places I already purchased from.
  29. 11:55 pm 20200613s the lights are coming on in the dining room but the dog is with me in bed in my room. Moths?
  30. 20200614 @ 1:32 pm, I’m outside enjoying the windy warm day, when I notice the solar light is on. I didn’t have my cell camera with me so I went inside to get it, and found the top draw of the 3 draw food storage container half way open. I normally close this to keep out flies etc. I retrieved the solar remote from near the 3 drawer container on the dining room table, then went outside to turn off the remote controlled solar light, that light was off. Hm? This event time is the same mixed numbers 321 from the 20130929 EVP poltergeist binary/ Morse code. I the took photos of the dining room, den & my bedroom part of kitchen etc.
  31. 20200617w, 8:55. Not a poltergeist but weird all the same. I opened the back bed of my truck when many large flies few out.
  32. 20200618th found dining room table chair in middle of walk way hence not under table. So it was in the way so I couldn’t walk throw. Hence noticeable.
  33. 20200619 2 sticks, a dole and a thinner blue stick, move as I walked by at same poltergeist area.  Near 2 am to take the dog out to pee. Varment eating the dogs feed? Ckon.
  34. None at end of June 28, 29 or 30 2020.  But a severe storm on the 30th and the dog aggressively barked alarmed before 12 am as if he saw someone. The solar flood light kept coming on without a visible stimulus and others in the presents of near by sun light. Like came on unexpectedly.
  35. 20200714 at 9:42 pm solar light came on.  Usually have to turn on manually with remote.
  36. 200715 At 2am something fell in the other room. It turned out to be an aluminum high sided pan in the kitchen. But what woke my up before that? Why was I already awake?
  37. Note I can’t hear well so I have not heard any on the EVPs on my recorders until I examined the audio waveform with amplitude turned up.
  38. 20200720 @ 9:18 pm new remote control solar light in dining room came on at dusk. But is it suppose to? The other one in the den doesn’t come on any time.
  39. 20200720 @ 9:45 pm my bedroom door opened as I approached it. All the house doors & windows are closed.
  40. 20200720 Between 11:59 pm to 12:15 am, Kiwi barking & growling a lot! Alarming! I heard some noises too!  I’m not going outside!
  41. I fell down the front cement stairs hurting my rt ribs 0723th 10 am. Unusual.
  42. 20200726S at 3 am I found a BLUE FALLEN HEROES FUND  BAG IN FRONT OF MY BEDROOM DOOR! With a book in it! The dining room solar light with motion sensors or, keeps coming on. The dog is out there but he is not barking. I did not recognize the bag as something I have or seen before but the book is mine.
  43. 0731 poltergeist past due! But there is noise and I can’t see anything out of place.
  44. 20200801 @ 9:20 pm a few minutes before this poltergeist event there is noises the dog is  alarm barking at. Then a poltergeist occurred when an old window screen feel across the front door where this past week I fell down the front door stairs.  This window screen was leaning southward against the wall as what would be considered behind the front door when it was open. This old screen is about 5 feet tall and make of wood.  When the old screen fell, it fell northward across the closed front door  blocking the exit. The window screen was leaning south but fell northward blocking the door. I was in bed 20 feet or more away.
  45. 20200801 at 10 pm the dog is barking but I can’t see at what!
  46. 0806 Noticed my bedroom door half closed. When I approached it made a creaking noise as it moved towards me. The dog woke me up to go pee.  If not mentioned, this door has done this before but on the other side. There are loud knock noises in the house both the dog and I can hear. The dog is alarm barking at it for a good while.
  47. 0815s @ 8:21 am Another poltergeist event occurred today. My wig on its head stand with bottom suction fell northward towards me off my tall bedroom dresser onto the floor brushing my right arm then fell onto the floor within 1 foot of my right side. This is on the back side or north side of the wall of the two previous poltergeists at 58###. And within 3 feet of my mother’s ashes.  I did not note any extra noises and neither did my dog who was sleeping on my bed. I was facing southward putting papers in my purse while my dog slept within a foot east on the my bed. Today is the 15th which is the number date before the 16th which is my deceased sister’s death. *These seem to happen when I’m most relaxed but focused.
  48. 0815s near 12:10 pm same unknown noise upstairs seems like east bedroom, caused my dog Kiwi to alarm bark. Wind is 5 mph today. Ckon Carmine’s.
  49. 0823-242020, multiple strange banging noises with company heard it 1st then the dog barked at the 2nd noise the visitor heard too then  commented on. I heard it too but saw nothing out of place.
  50. 082410, After 12 am  I laid down to sleep, a load noise at  my bedroom door when the handle loudly raddled! At 2:45 am, I woke to took the dog to pee. noises from up stars caught my attention.. Earlier today, I videoed my dog up stairs so afraid he was trembling and looking away at nothing. Later he had a nightmare, jumped up scratching his ear and jumping on and off the recliner touching the container near by. So weird!  I witnessed no poltergeist. Yet maybe the load door handle?
  51. 0825m 2020, something vibrates to my right, the dog barked, I didn’t see what it was.
  52. 20200831 3:30 am a poltergeist occurred, with a friend near by who also heard the unusual sound, that vibrates under my feet. The empty cloths hamper was found upside down in the next room behind the closed door adjacent to the dining room & the baby powder was on the floor near by the hamper. I was in the dining room about 6 feet south while my friend was at the basement stairs and my dog was in the den, both east of me. I felt multiple heavy vibrations under my feet. I did not have a audio or video camera in this room. My friend felt the noise was overly load for the door to be closed. This is the room with my mother’s ashes. The dining room is the where the other poltergeists occurred. 
  53. 20200905s, 12 pm, I hear noises up stairs. To resolve it, I went upstairs to see what it was but when I got up there I didn’t see anything. I went into east bedroom which has a hasp lock on the antique door. . . ONCE I ENTERED THE ROOM, MY SMART PHONE DIED!  When I got downstairs to the USB bank recharge, to plug it in, the smartphone battery was zero but once plugged in it showed only 45% low battery. The smart phone should not have died! I couldn’t get the previous working camcorder to work to record this event. Note the USB bank recharges have not been working well even on 2 amp USB plugs ac recharger under the upstairs room the smart phone died in. I’m still hearing noises up stairs after 2 pm which is waking up my dog who shivers when I take him upstairs.
  54. 20200909w at 7:45 am I was visiting my friend for mechanical help. While in the kitchen standing in front of the microwave oven, a spice container fell northward off the  left end of the top control panel of the oven which was just out of my peripheral vision. I was facing east.  I was alone with my dog.
  55. 20200910 @ 5:15 pm 2 sandwiches fell out of freezer off the top shelf at Cenex. I was facing NE the sandwiches fell to my left. Neither did hit me. Neither fell straight down but instead fell outward. One did fall farther than the other.
  56. 20200911 not a poltergeist but a ghostly impression from a video of the side of a woman’s face, shoulder & hand.
  57. 20200929 Archangel Feast Day is  Michaelmas day. My pc crashed the yesterday 09282010 on Yom Kippur day of atonement.  Then today my TV turned off then moments later my cell phone blacked out too. With my attention freed, I moved into the west kitchen where I heard the wind blow through the window making a Shofar horn like sound. On video. Archangel Gabriel blows the trumpets. I was born on archangel Gabriel’s Day 7-13.
  58. 10-02-20 Oct 2nd is Guardian Angel Feast Day. Ckon any occupancies?
  59. 10-07-20 ketchup bottle in frig fell over.
  60. 10-08-20 before dark,  Video of a trespasser was in tree yesterday! I checked  on the surrounding ground for tracks, none but vehicle tracks. So I did but the cell phone died! I found no visible signs of broken branches or bent grass. It appears to have to be  someone standing on someone else’s shoulders, or a photo anomaly aka ghostly Impression or a hacker is time stamping my photos or a smartphone virus is mess up my photography. I can’t explain it.
  61. 101520 the bedroom door opened again as I approached it,
  62. 102320 a Poltergeist occurred when a Pile bottle jumped back out of the basket I put it in. I was facing north: the pill bottle leaped over of a 4 inch basket then moved south to my left side about a foot away from the basket, landing on the floor, to which I had to pick up again! No pictures.
  63. ???

This is not a complete list & is under editing as a draft needs audio and photos,