Angels and Archangels

The Ghost Comm ghost sightings occurred on archangel feast day and in turn Delynn found she was born on archangel Gabriel's Day, 

Angels are messages from God,

The Ghost Comm code was a message Delynn decyphered and is 101 000 001 in binary and 11, 19, 21 is Morse code, These blogs/websites examine only the similarities know to modern mankind.

Disclaimer: Delynn, this web server etc all are not affiliates with dark arts so I rebuke them.

Sept 29, 2013 was archangel feast day, 7-13 was archangel Gabriel's day but 7-13 was change to March 26th decades ago.

1877 the Miracle of the Sun occurred on the 3rd sighting and 7-13 was the 2nd sighting of the angel of peace while much later the 3rd message was to be opened only after or on 1960, I was opened and reveals only after the Pope was shot, Delynn was born 7-13-1960.


John Dee DOB July 13, 1527-1608, worked for Queen Elizabeth I who is linked to Delynn's greatest grand father's King Charlemagne's  daughter and King Alfred the Great's wife.

Sept 29th Archangel Feast Day

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Historically, the Enochian angel language also has similarities. Enoch is the 6th generation from Adams/Eve. God took Enoch to heaven while other scriptures say he was reformed into archangel Metatron. 

Genesis 5 24

Genesis 5 24 [Genesis 5:24 KJV.] This Enoch, whose flesh ,,, God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron.


Calling All Angels with Alan Moore and Teresa Terry Burns,


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