About Paranormal Supernatural blog, Ghost hauntings Recon and other web groups related to this topic.

My hauntings and some of the events as to why I started this group.

On  1/28/2020, I was reading a other FB groups rules and other posts when my dog asked to go out to do his business. So, I went to the bathroom first and a towel fell on me from the nearby shower rod.

Within the last two months, I've been patting the poltergeist area and saying, "love, peace etc." as I turned the corner, my necklace with all my 6  crosses fell off my neck.

The bathroom area has been haunted for years with multiple poltergeists. My friend who rents the place recently fell there twice, the broom fell once as the dog and I walked by headed outside, and I was assaulted by a 2 lb box on May 5th, the day of the dead.

While I was outside with the dog, I was thinking about all this. My sister died in the bathroom. OMG! And my mother and mother in law also died on the 28th and 29th at the end of the month.

Since 2019, I've been having EVPs, poltergeist etc. hauntings every 15th or at the end of the month.

Last month near the 28th/29th, a empty water bottle fell on the floor in front of me. The thing is that the empty bottle that fell was the inside bottle not the other bottle closest to the table edge.

I've lost 16 family members in span of 16 consecutive years since 2000. I have not faced my grief. Like the movie Rumors of an Angel.

I also have a haunting event on Sept 29, 2013 with Morse code, also binary code, referred as an ITC, instrumental telecommunication, which I named Ghost Comm.  I saw my first ghost and caught the Morse/binary code on an ITC recorder that this blog is about. Paranormal Supernatural is about how the Ghost Comm code links to everything mankind knows like math, science, and bible of God.

I'm buying 24 hour cameras and I'm going to catch this stuff on video. I do have EVPs and photos of many ghost impressions since 2013-ish. Youtube will not let me show these things as they are rated, not for children. Those rules recently changed becoming more focused to protect the youths. Due to some group rules here there are things I can't say but it is not adult issues or likewise. Just weird haunted stuff. Like some FB groups don't allow mentioning sales and  I've monetized these hauntings.

Either way, hopefully, I'll be doing some ghost hunting later this year as I'm still trying to process the last 7 years of photos, EVPs hauntings or aka just weird stuff that has now become my life.

More to come.