Ghost Science Facts

Ghost Science Facts

What is a ghost? What is the science behind the question? Where is the evidence? Who are the actors?

These is a interesting question. A ghost is an invisible unexplained and proveable entity. The science has not yet been proven. The evidence is still outstanding. The actor's are we.

Let me unequivocally announce that I do NOT believe in ghosts, and/or spirits in the TV shows or in my home.

So. That begs the question, where are the voices on the EVP's coming from? and Who are they? What are their intentions? And why are there so many ghostly impressions on my cameras? At this point in my Ghost Hauntings Recon investigation, I can't answer that. But I intend to find the answers to these question and more here in the blog.

As I spun through what has become the history of my life, during my 20 years of marriage, I was left in your home sedated with over 5 gas leaks for months at a time one of which was during the divorce. Yes, I felt threatened and yes I was being threatened by my ex husband, "I will burn this house down and blow it up." Much like the Gas Lighting movie where a husband tried to drive his wife crazy so he could take control of inheritance.
On November 5, I became very sick and unknown to me so did my little sister but she died. I am yet to face the 15 female death that began from 2000 through to 2016 that hunt me still today. Could 16 "only' female deaths be questionable?

Here in the video is Carrie Poppy on TedTalks speaking about her haunted house and what she found out about her ghost hauntings. Enjoy.

... Check back for updates.