Thursday, October 28, 2021

Akita Kadisha

On Archangel Feast Day, September 29, 2013, I saw a male ghost walk out of the girl's bathroom stall in one of 3 sets he then vaporized in the second step, then that collected in on it's moving past the corner of a wall eastward towards the sinks...

The bathroom with a ghostly impression of the likeliness of this sighting.

A spirit cloud the resembles that  likeness of the bathroom ghost, Photography by Delynn Addams on June 2, 2013. 
Spirit Cloud Ghostly Impression

...I left it alone and went in my way to use the bathroom but afterwards I tried to recall it and thoroughly look the bathroom over for anyone or thing but found nothing. I had a digital recorder on me and it was on. I don't recall hearing anything at the time but later found a Morse or Binary code sound in my recorder.

-•- ••• ••- is Morse code and converts also to binary code 101 000 001.

The Binary could be 3 more zeros on the front like this "000" 101 000 001.
It's like Phosphate and the DNA linkage like in the Arecibo message sent into space designed by Carl Sagon in 1974.

So it is...
* On archangel feast day, Sunday September 29, 2013 at 00:09:29 HH/MM/SS.  I photograph the dash time on the vehicle at 12:03 upon arrival and 12:15 departure times.
*9+29+13= 51 the age of my 2nd Baptism.
*Morse code is 11, 19, 21 also = 51.
*My former communication occupation.
*51x2=102, 321x102=3.14 π, 3.1415x.5151=phi 1.618 the golden mean ratio.
*101,000,001= 321 the numbers of the date of my 2nd baptizm, 03/20/11.
*I was born in Archangel Gabriel's Day, as was John Dee DOB is 07/13/1527, the Englishman who spoke to angels, specifically Archangel Gabriel, and is two dates of  Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, 07/13/1960.

....How is this possible?

UPDATED 201211028,
I found also the binary code 101 000 001 converts to 321 mathmatically. So using the Hebrew alphabet is Sh, K, A or Shin, Kaf, Alef.

Is Adam Kadmon Soul-light...and
Atika Kadisha, the Ancients Holy One.
*(For SH, I used Soul-light and Shabbot is Sunday dinner.)

The date is a palindrome, reading both forward and backwards. 929, or 9-29.
The most famous biblical palindrome is...

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A drive by photograph of the Lutheran Church revealed this light reflection ghostly impression....Tap the image to zoom in. The light spirit has feet! to us for updates.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

102 Pi Phi

20211020 Update. This has turned out to be a very interesting encounter. 

A signals discovery from beyond when an ITCs paranormal activity occured on Sept 29, archangel feast day, when ghost revealed itself.

Check out this one of a kind intellectual Morse code 11, 19, 21, or 11+19+21=51, and binary code, 101 000 001 =321, message that when multipled by the digital equivalent of the binary code message equals Pi, Phi, 102=51*2 strangely links by 2πR (2x3.14758823x321=2020.411+ is the 102 day of the year. ) math formula that links to the 102 day is April 11, 2020 year. Extra is 3.1415x.5151=  1.618+ Phi.

It's the link to the 102 day that is interesting. As the age I was baptized on March 20, 2011, or 03+20-11, is like 321. The Morse code equals 51=11+19+21 and likewise, the sighting date equals 51 = 09+29+13.
51+51=102. *(1+0+2=3). Hmm!

From the Fibenocci sequence 0, 1 1, 2, 3... to Pi and Phi, and is the binary code is in the Arecebo message sent I to space in 1974, Gematria, numberology, DNA and more.

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Click on the image below to see to see the hidden notes.
See the chart below.

Chart 1.

Ghist impression Sept 28, 2013.

Spirit cloud photograph on June 2, 2013.

Drive by photograph by Delynn Addams Lutheran Church.

Check back for updates.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Adam Kadmon Link

On Sept 29th a ghost sighting occurred which revealed Morse/binary code that continues to produce communication beyond my level of understanding. See chart.

*It was on Archangel Feast day, it's in the format of the ancient Hebrew Shofar horn blast that communicates, I was a communication technician who, through this code, found I was born on archangel Gabriel's day, a well known ancient communicator. (Why its a biblical haunting I don't know. My Pastor recently texted me,..."the evil in  your life.")

**I previously linked the code by numerology to π Pi & Phi the golden ratio via the date & age I was rebaptized and now to Adam and his soul name before merging with his body, Adam Kadmon. And so much more. See chart below.

See the other blog posts for more code links and code clues to what mankind knows like DNA, the Arecibo message, Fatima the Miracle of the sun, numerology etc..

***I'm looking for more answers to this code.  A higher math link. Please contact me if you see something more about this ITC code. 

View an Example of the Ghost Comm Event