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7.13 John Dee by the Numbers

 John Dee & Me by the numbers, 7.13

DOB 7.13 .1527.

John Dee was a mathematician and astronomer. We share the same DOB, date of birth.  7.13 links mathematically to the universal constants. 

John Dee & I share the same DOB, Date of Birth,
Morse code DOB,
Morse code reduction,
7+1+3=11, =2,
7-1+13=19, =10=1,
7+1+13=21, =3.
213 = 2+1+3= 6.
Morse code to DOB,
...1960, my birth year.
...13, Day of John Dee's birth.
21/3=7, Month of John Dee's birthday.
...7 north month.
Also, my DOB. So 7.13 multiplied by constants or Gematria values  equals the Ghost Comm ITC ADC code from Archangel Feast Day, 09+29+13=51,
#51 Also, being near the pyramid angle.

Consider these codes as RA, right accession, or declaration. Longitude and latitude of 48° by 101°, N USA, on Archangel Feast Day.

Polaris the North Star, Uras Major, Little Bear constellation.

433 Light Years = 433 / 3.261564029271257 = 132.76 Parsecs.
433/137.5=3.149+. π.
3.261564029271257 = 1  year light travels around the sun. Earth 600 mph.
186282/144280.5028=1.29111, *(-280.5028).
Morse code is 111921. November 11, 2021 was a lunar eclipse.

A ghost left 11+19+21=51 on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51. 51+51=102. 102 Nobel number on periodic table.

321/102=3.1470+... So.

Cardenial Directions,
On a clock these codes are the cardenial directions. The Double lines pointing to the hexagon or cube when overlaid by the Cancer Y constillaton. The stars make a Y shape.

The Ghost Morse code 11,19,21, binary 01, and the date 9&29, on the right side of the clock are  01, 09, 11,19,21, 29 on the right side of the clock link to the left side clock numbers 31, 39, 41, 49, 51, 59. Creating the cardenial directions.

Paired 01&31, 09&39, 11&41, 19&49, 21&51, & 29&59.

321...Ghost binary code,
321x2=642, *(642 lights to Betelgeuse.)
1,222,222.33 = 101,000,001/9.

432 v. 433?
431+ = √186282 SOL...Speed of Light.
432² = 186624,
...1960-1527=433 my DOB.
...1959-1527=432 my older sibling DOB.

"186624-186282sol =342,"
"432÷7.13= 60.58906030."

My DOB 7.13.60,
713 area code. Born.
√186282sol=431.6039…÷7.13= 60.53351825.
*(60° is our solar system telt.)
11,19,21 is the Morse code left by a ghost I saw on Archangel Feast Day 09/29/13=51 the age I was baptized.
11+19+21=51 so 51+51=102 the Novel element on Periodic Table. I'm in search of "what mankind knowns." I found John Dee & I share the same DOB.

102 Noble number on  periodic table.
2x3.1470+x321=2020.411+ or April 11, is the "102" Day of the year,

51 the age I was baptized 02+20+11=33. 51 is the sum of both the date of the ghost sighting and the Morse code ITC ADC code.

√50.8=7.13, where
51.84x60x60=186642 is
Ml/sec². 432²=432x432.
"51.81527777 = 111921 /2160." Morse code divided by Moon diameter.

11/19/21 Nov. 19, 2021 was a lunar eclipse.


7.13 Fatima,
Miracle of the Sun.
1960 3rd Fatima message showed hell.
6 messages encounters,
1st May 13,
2nd June 13,
3rd July 13, 1917.*
7x3 trinity = 21.
*(Ghost Comm ITC code is 11, 19, 21).
4th August 19,
5th Oct 13,
6th Sept 13.


Royalty by the #s,
7²+13²=218 or 2.18
Feb 18th is Queen Mary I DOB.
321 Day of the Year is Nov 17, QUEEN Mary I DOD & when Queen Elizabeth I took the thrown.
321 digital equivalent from binary ghost code = 6.
√321= 17.91647286.
√217=13.7+. Len,
Start of 40 or 46 day fasting.

Mom took me to see this movie then stated we were related to royalty.


Ghost codes,
Date of occurance,
09+29+13=51, is  archangel feast day.
11,19,21=51=Hei, Alef.
101,000,001= 201?
102. Nobel # on periodic table.
12:03 am, = 6.
12:15 am. = 9.
51=6, 51=6, 321=6 or 3.
666 or 663.
48° @ 101°, 4+8=12(=3).

11=2, 19=10, 21=3 =15=6. Or 213=6.

John Dee & me,
(...or JD/sibling 1959,

433 Light Years = 433 / 3.261564029271257 = 132.76 Parsecs.
Distance traveled...
433/137.5=3.149+ = π.
3.261564029271257 = 1  year light travels around the sun.

186282 SOL, Speed of Light.
433 sol,
432,000 diameter of sun.
144 Flower of Life parts.
144 = c = SOL, a minute per arc per second.
144/12=12. Squared.
(3= trinity.)
433/π= 137.82 like,

40 is T for Tudor.
111921/186282 sol =
60%, so 74361 as 40%.
74361 seconds us 1239.35 minutes.
40²= 1600 = 40x40,
40³= 46k,
40⁴= 2560k,
40⁵= 102,000,000,
Tudor= T = 40.

144,000 nautical miles (144,000 minutes of arc per. )
144 Flower of Life parts.
144 = 90 petals + 54 triangles.

144 = c = SOL, a minute per arc per second.

Flower of Life ..
66 = Alah Muslims.
144,000 arcs per sec.
144 = 90 petals 54 triangles.
144000 bible souls return to ancer light.

John Dee's DOB 7.13 Is Cancer a geometric shapes Y. Snake eyes of 69. Overlay the Y on a hexagon to get the cube.
Add two Y shapes, one upsidedown, to get six 60° angles.

My John Dee DOB...
Constillaton is Cancer,
Stars geo metric shape of a Y.  #69 is snake eyes. *(I was bitten by a copperhead snake at age 11. Lamb's blood as antivenin. Hospitals plaster blessed me.)
...7.13.1960 is my DOB.
Where... Morse code,
John Dee's DOB is 7.13.

7+13=20,... , √20=4.472135954,
40=Tudor, T, Tau Hebrew letter, T is Word of God.
Tudor is Windsor royal family.

I am Windsor, born on 7.13.1960, 433 years, (433 light years to Parsec, 433 Light Years = 433 / 3.261564029271257 = 132.76 Parsecs. 433 Light Years to Parsecs Conversion Table. Light Year (ly), Parsec (pc)). after John Dee 7.13.1527 and this is in the direction of my genealogy by the numbers.
433/51=8+ generations.
John Dee to QMI DOB  1527-1516=11.
1546-1527=19, Cambridge studies.
1548-1527= 21 yrs masters degree.
1527+51=1578, Dee married Jane Fromands February 1578 & later  fathered eight children.
March 20th?, Died,  December 1608 or March 1609 (1609-03-00) at the (aged 81). (81 yrs = 713,472 hours 7.13.27 to 12.1.1608. )
*(7.13.27 to 12.1.1608 is  2568499200 sec ÷ 186282=SOL=
13788.23074 seconds. Or 13.7)
433/π= 137.82 like,
-137.5=.3281807 golden arc.

The Ghost Archangel Feast Day Morse code is 11, 19, 21. The digital equivalent is 321, in binary is 101, 000, 001.
...An ADC, After Death Communication.
Lead me to What mankind knows."

... 20221112s researched by Delynn Addams.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

7.13 Archangel Gabriel's Day Synexus

7.13 Archangel Gabriel's Day Synexus.

Plank is 662.89E-³⁴/7.13= 9.29+E-³³, 9.29 being Archangel Feast Day.
Morse code is also Planck, 663.

Archangel Gabriel's Day, synexus, is 7.13. Why me? Because I saw ghost who left Morse/binary code message on Archangel Feast Day, date 09+29+13=51, Morse code 11, 19, 21 & binary 101000001=321.
321/(102=51+51) =3.1470+, mathematically, 2x3.1470+x321 = 2020.411+ is April 11th 2020, Passover, the 102 Day of the year. 102 is th Noble number on periodic table. 

Acheangel Gabriel gave a message to Mary she would be with child, celebrated as the Announciation Day is March 25, my mom died, March 24, Queen Elizabeth I, QEI,  died & both at age 69. Mary Queen of Scot died 1792.8²×10^−4 = 321+, the binary code.
John Dee, worked for QEI, as a spy which was the inspiration for 007 movies. 

Similarly,  Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun, 2nd massage on 7.13, also John Dees DOB, Mathematically,  7.13x(Phi=1.618) =11+, 7.13x (Euler's constant=2.7+) =19+, & 7.13x (Pi=3.(-.14) =21 but 7.13/3.14159 =22+ for the deciphering Shakespeare sonnet, Edward De Vere. 

Queen Elizabeth I took thrown on Nov 17th, also the 321 day of the year know as Queen Elizabeth Day.

The 2nd Fatima message was on 7.13 says, "STOP THE WAR." The Third message was not to be opened till 1960. So why do I care? Because  7.13.1960 is me, Fatima, & John Dee spoke with archangel Gabriel.

I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51, 51 being the age I was baptized.  It's a message or my own insights but whatever it was, it's been a great ride into "What mankind knows."

Saturday, September 24, 2022

National Ghost Hunting Day

September 24th.

John Dee, a mathematician, was born on 7.13. He wrote the Enochian alphabet via archangel Gabriel whose Synexus Day is also July 13th.
*Mathematically, Plank (663x10E-³⁴ / 7.13 = 9.29+x10E-³³. 9.29 is archangel Feast Day.
663 = 1+1+1+9+2+1=15 & (1+5)="6", & 3+2+1="6", &  1+0+1+0+0+
0+0+0+1="3" which answers equal 663 Planck, less the x10-³⁴.

* I saw a ghost on 9.29.13 archangel Feast Day that links to John Dee's DOB. The ghost left a Morse and/or binary code. -•- ••• ••- or 11,19,21 Morse code & 1010000001=321 in binary code that combined with John Dee's DOB is Pi, Euler's constant, Phi and Plank values.

*John Dee's DOB also equals the Morse code. Phi 1.618 x 7.13 = 11+, Euler's constant 2.72818 x 7.13 = 19+ and 3 (-.14159+)x 7.13 = 21. The Morse code is 11+19+21=51, 
51 is the age I was baptized. & The radius or 321 the binary code.
321/102=π 3.1470+, 
102π= 320.4424506, 

*Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun, the 2ND message date is 7.13.1960, Stop the War, my full DOB. Mathematically the numbers in John Dee's DOB 7.13 & my full DOB equal the Morse code.
So 6 from 60, 7=July & 13 the day.
6+13+2(11 reduced by Gematria rules is 2=1+1)=21

*Royalty link Maria Antoinette, Queen of Scot, monarchy ended &  August 10, 1792 French Revolution occured. So,  mathematically, 
1792.8²×10^−4 = 321+, the binary code.

*I'm Windsor & family so mom said before she died 03/25 on the Announciation Day when archangel Gabriel told Mary she would be with child. Mom died of cancer at 69. Cancer is July and 69 is it's symbol, snake eyes. I was bitten by a snake near the age of 9. Mom was named after the virgin Queen, Virginia.

*Queen Elizabeth I took the thrown on the 321 day, (the binary code,)  of the year, November 17th. The ghost binary code "321" / (102 Nobel # on Periodic Table) = π 3.1470+, & 2 x 3.1470+ x (the binary coded message 321) is 2020.411+ or April 11th 2020 the "102" Day of the year, passover.
Archangel Feast Day is 09+29+13=51, Morse code date  plus the Morse code is 102,  11+19+21=51 so 51 x 2 = 102, is  the Nobel number on the periodic table.

* And on 11/19/ 21, the Morse code, was a Lunar Eclipse. & So much more.

*Today is Sept 24th, National Ghost Hunting Day. 

**Question, Is anyone communicating with the angels? Please share it with me.

Friday, August 5, 2022


Mathematically the GHR GHOST ITC CODE reveals more and more.

On September 29th of 2013, 09+29+13=52, I saw a male ghost walk out of a hotel bathroom stall. He vaporized then that vapor shrunk down like a solid mass collecting in on itself as it moved past the corner of a wall.

Why do ghost show themselves? I didn't know.

I'm following Dan Winter and Terry Barns in a FB group to learn more about Enochian angel science because I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51 who left Morse code 11+19+21= 51, of my DOB & my home address). Also, a date of a lunar eclipse, (51+51=102), Nobel number on periodic table, and the my baptized age. My DOB, (who I share with John Dee, employed my Queen Elizabeth I,)  also equals the code. My birthday also share with 2 of the Fatima the Miracle of the Sun is 7-13 & 1960,  is archangel Gabriel's Day, a communicator, I was a comm tech.

Mathematically, my DOB  
6+13=19, & 
the Morse code that also equals is 
Phi, 7.13/1.618=11+, 

Euler's Constant 7.13/2.718=19+ 

Pi 7.13/3(-.14)=21+. 

√51=7.14 pointing close enough.

Planck 6.62607015×10^(−34) x 9.29 (is archangel Michael Day is archangel angel feast day)= 7.13+ is July 13 is John Dee's date of birth, my DOB too.
John Dee worked for Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I, or her cousin, my mom said we are related, took the throne on the 321 day of the year, 11-17.

1+1+2+3 mom's, like DOB the Fibenocci sequence, is a palendron of the binary code. When placing the numbers on a unit circle the date line up to my Grand Aspect Zodiac birth chart. And each of my family's Zodiac gemstone in my mom's wedding ring.

 The Morse code converts to binary 101000001=321, (Shin, Koph, Alef.) (Or 1.01 hydrogen atomic mass & GPS 101 latitude; 48 longitude.) Also, like 1s & 0s of magnetism Torus, VSM, motor Vector Switch Modulation.)

Remarkably the binary equivalent related, Sh, K, A= as a palendron also reads A,K,Sh = Atika Kadisha Shaddai the ancient holy one God Almighty or Adam Kadmen Soul-light or Shachah, to worship or bow down, Sh,K,A.

Codes between holy dates. 

QUESTION: Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
    Please reply with some vocabulary, science or anything etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



101000001= Unix time.
Unix time 101000001 is equal to Wednesday March 14, 1973, 11:33:21 p.m. GMT.

July 13, 1960 to
March 14, 1987
Is 320 months +1day.

****March 14 = (3.14)
3.14, π = 3.14159....


7/13/1960+320 months plus 1 day is March 14, 1987. Is Pi Day π 3.14.

FB Dan Winter and Terry Barns group

New reference material.
Whole body sacred geometry by Jain108.
Video fb.

Check back for updates.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Hydrogen ad a fraction with the Ghost Comm ITC code is,

 .321xπ=1.008+ Hydrogen!

A ghost left me a Morse code 11,19,21 = binary 101000001, (*101=Shofar blasts,) =321 on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51 or 11+19+21=51, 51+51=102, Nobel periodic table.
321 = 03+21+11=51 my baptism age & as a palendron my mom's DOB, 1+1+2+3... is Fibenocci sequence.
My birthday + birth year is the Morse code too, 7/13/60,  6+7=11, 6+13=19 & 7+13=20+(1=7-6)=21.
321x(102=51+51)=π 3.15+, 102 =Nobel # periodic table.
& 2x3.15+x321=1.6 Phi.
321x.5151=1.6+ Phi.
*Morse code 11,29,21 also multipled by my DOB IS Phi 1.6x7.13=11+,  Euler's constant 2.7x 7.13 =19+, & 7.13x 3.14π=21+.
*111921÷2160 Moon, my Zodiac, = 51.8+, & .321x3.14+= 1.008+ =  hydrogen.

** 11/19/21 was date of a lunar eclipse.
*At, RA, Right Ascension 11.49+ is a stellar event at SP 11° 49m.45s is a star is scheduled to go super nova in 11/2022.

*(Place all codes & date on right side of time clock, also was my occupation, aka is a  time ring then connect the code to the polar opposites points = cardinal directions star, our Sun, a hexagon, like dementions, or points to the 6 gemstones of each family member in my mom's wedding ring.
(An ADC, an After Death Communication.))

*A devine message, like Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, with dates 7-13 & 1960 also my full DOB & JOHN DEE'S DOB too, who created the Enochian alphabet via archangel Gabriel, 1 of 4 Royal Stars called  Fomalhaut is archangel Gabriel celestial position, an angelic alphabet is basic communication was my occupation,
Psalms 119 in the Holy Bible is the ancient Hebrew alphbet, (John Dee, who worked for Queen Elizabeth I who died on 24 March 1603, is my birth mom's relation,
*my mom died on March 25, on archangel Gabriel's announcement date to Mary she would give birth to baby Jesus...
... & 5 day before Queen "Mother" Elizabeth  Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, House of Windsor, died March 30, 2002))).

H²0, water, H101,
Binary code 101, 000, 001= 321.
Hydrogen # 1.008.
1.008451241 = .321x(3.14159 = π).
321x(102 = Nobel # periodic table)=3.14+.
(3.1470+)*2*321= 2020.411+ = Passover, the 101 or 102 day of the year 2020 or leap year it varies.
*(I couldn't stop thinking about the Hedron Collider before I know this.)

Ghost Comm ITC code message is PHI, PI math...
51(or 51.8) = my baptized age, the Morse code sum 51= 11+19+21, & the date 09+29+13 = 51.
51+51= 102.
*(51 Pyramid angle, or  ✓51=7.14) off my 24hr,  RA, Right Ascension.
*Hydrogen, Zeeman Effect. Jumping electrons, 122 nm photon hz, spectrom, electron energy... is physics.
*Part 3. Atom in magnetic field,
*SVM, Switch Vector Modulation in motor magnetism is sect 5 is 101, 000, 001 of Ghost Comm ITC binary code converted from the  Morse code.
*(My old communication  occupation.)

* 7-13 is Archangel Gabriel's Day, messager of God, (This day was moved to Archangel Micheal's Day on Sept 29, the date I saw the ghost, 09+29+13=51, my baptism date 3+20+11 = 321 the Morse code binary, 101000001,  digital equivalent, "(✓51=7/14 is 1day of date after my DOB, date of birth.)

321 = Shin300, Kaph20, Alef1 is AKSh = Adam Kadmen Soul/Eve before vessel.
Or as a  palendron is AKS, Atika Kadisha Shaddai, the ancient holy one God Almighty.

*I prayed/ask God for proof of experience of a higher intelligence.

© Delynn
 I didn't know what to call it so my research blog...

Thursday, June 16, 2022

God Particle Spiritual Particles


Ghost Comm ITC, an ADC.
*(ITC, Inter Transcommunication & ADC, After Death Communication.)

I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day, 09+29+13=51, I was born on Archangel Gabriel's Day. John Dee, advisor to Queen of Elizabeth, was born on 7+13=20. My mom's grandmother and grate grandfather are Windsor. Mom told me,  when I was born,...
(07+13+60= 80 or 8, or
7+1+3+6= 17 or 8, or
Mom liked the Zodiac.) My birth chart grand aspect sextile symbol is the Star of David.)
...she had an arranged marriage because she, we, are descendents of the Royal Windsor family. Grandma cooked a white cake for the Queen. Who died 03+30+01=7, and mom died 03+25+01=11, just days earlier. Jesus (Is Jesus Chris resurrection near March 28, the Zodiac grand aspect sextile symbol the Star of David?)
I later grow up to become a communication technician and a consumer electronic tech.

How the numbers all add up?


The ghost revealed a message in Morse code, 11, 19, 21=51, or binary code 101,000,001=321 or just 3, (3/9?).


These numbers  become a Spiritual  Particle when the ghost's code is assigned to the right side of a 60 second clock, then the polar opposites lines are drawn to show the cardenial directions to  create a hexagon. When the Zodiac Cancer sign is overlaid on the hexagon, it creates the cube.  Two triangles, or 3 rectangles cann also be added to create the Star of David. *(Is it Jesus grand aspect sextile rebirth Zodiac sign?)  It's also my collective family Zodiac sign, revealed here in, is my mom's family Zodiac gemstone wedding band as well as my Zodiac grand aspect birth sign.

Finally, overlay spinning signs of the Seed of Life with 7 circles or the Fruit of Life with13 circles to reveal the Spiritual  Particle. *(7/13/60 is my DOB while 6 from 60 degrees angles of the hexagon is ...
6+13=19 &
*(1960= 1+9+6+0=26=8 or 19+60=79=7+9=16=8  has no know references until 8 is turned on its side to create the Infinity sign OO, eyes like the snake eyes on the Cancer Zodiac.)
... 11, 19, 21 is the Morse code the Ghost left on Archangel Feast Day to me born on Archangel Gabriel's Day.
Surely, a devine message I'm suppose to share with the world.


Star of David
Overlaid spinning Seed of Life

God's Particles, the Eve particle, 

See the Eve Spiritual Particle video. Eve particles in motion.

Visit Ghost Hauntings Recon for more.

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...More to Come.

Friday, April 1, 2022

How to See a Ghost

Try this experiment. How to see a ghost? Or a pareidolia ghostly impression.

SUPPLIES.  A used clear empty water bottle with cap, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, & flashlight, & glass/plastic or other prism, & a slowmotion camera. Find an slowmotion smartphone app online.

Set up a slowmotion camera with a black background.
Using an empty water bottle with only one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol,

Slightly squeeze the water bottle to release some air so it is twistable.
Place the cap on the bottle, twist the bottle into an hour glass shape.

At 42° to 45° degrees, like a rainbow, place slowmotion "camera ON".
Stop to calm your thoughts...

Additionally, When you stare at the orange blue image...WHEN TURNED TO GRAY..your mind fills in the gray with complementary colors green & blue. See at link below.

Release the cap on the twisted water bottle to view the vapor.
Ever so slightly, squeeze the upper water bottle chamber to release vapor.

Go back to the camera to view film "frame by frame" to see if you caught a ghostly impressions on camera. Take a screenshot to share.

Young's Double Split Experiment.

Science behind this experiment. This partial wave experiments was created by Thomas Young in May 1801, who used an electron gun partial wave. The famous particle experiment reveals when we look at something it becomes reality. 

So the ghost or some shape, a pareidolia ghostly impression is likely.

Science theory behind Thomas Young Double Split Experiment.

You do NOT need an electron gun. Use a flashlight with a prism at 42° to 45° angle.

Experiment Supplies...

Only use a little rubbing alcohol.

How to create cloud in a bottle video.
Or how to see a ghost.

View vapor from my roof on a cold day. As I looked at it, the vapor changed the moved differently.

How to See a Ghost Experiment instructions. You try it and share your results online.
TikTok video.
YouTube video.

More to come.

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