Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Hydrogen ad a fraction with the Ghost Comm ITC code is,

 .321xπ=1.008+ Hydrogen!

A ghost left me a Morse code 11,19,21 = binary 101000001, (*101=Shofar blasts,) =321 on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51 or 11+19+21=51, 51+51=102, Nobel periodic table.
321 = 03+21+11=51 my baptism age & as a palendron my mom's DOB, 1+1+2+3... is Fibenocci sequence.
My birthday + birth year is the Morse code too, 7/13/60,  6+7=11, 6+13=19 & 7+13=20+(1=7-6)=21.
321x(102=51+51)=π 3.15+, 102 =Nobel # periodic table.
& 2x3.15+x321=1.6 Phi.
321x.5151=1.6+ Phi.
*Morse code 11,29,21 also multipled by my DOB IS Phi 1.6x7.13=11+,  Euler's constant 2.7x 7.13 =19+, & 7.13x 3.14π=21+.
*111921÷2160 Moon, my Zodiac, = 51.8+, & .321x3.14+= 1.008+ =  hydrogen.

** 11/19/21 was date of a lunar eclipse.
*At, RA, Right Ascension 11.49+ is a stellar event at SP 11° 49m.45s is a star is scheduled to go super nova in 11/2022.

*(Place all codes & date on right side of time clock, also was my occupation, aka is a  time ring then connect the code to the polar opposites points = cardinal directions star, our Sun, a hexagon, like dementions, or points to the 6 gemstones of each family member in my mom's wedding ring.
(An ADC, an After Death Communication.))

*A devine message, like Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, with dates 7-13 & 1960 also my full DOB & JOHN DEE'S DOB too, who created the Enochian alphabet via archangel Gabriel, 1 of 4 Royal Stars called  Fomalhaut is archangel Gabriel celestial position, an angelic alphabet is basic communication was my occupation,
Psalms 119 in the Holy Bible is the ancient Hebrew alphbet, (John Dee, who worked for Queen Elizabeth I who died on 24 March 1603, is my birth mom's relation,
*my mom died on March 25, on archangel Gabriel's announcement date to Mary she would give birth to baby Jesus...
... & 5 day before Queen "Mother" Elizabeth  Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, House of Windsor, died March 30, 2002))).

H²0, water, H101,
Binary code 101, 000, 001= 321.
Hydrogen # 1.008.
1.008451241 = .321x(3.14159 = π).
321x(102 = Nobel # periodic table)=3.14+.
(3.1470+)*2*321= 2020.411+ = Passover, the 101 or 102 day of the year 2020 or leap year it varies.
*(I couldn't stop thinking about the Hedron Collider before I know this.)

Ghost Comm ITC code message is PHI, PI math...
51(or 51.8) = my baptized age, the Morse code sum 51= 11+19+21, & the date 09+29+13 = 51.
51+51= 102.
*(51 Pyramid angle, or  ✓51=7.14) off my 24hr,  RA, Right Ascension.
*Hydrogen, Zeeman Effect. Jumping electrons, 122 nm photon hz, spectrom, electron energy... is physics.
*Part 3. Atom in magnetic field,
*SVM, Switch Vector Modulation in motor magnetism is sect 5 is 101, 000, 001 of Ghost Comm ITC binary code converted from the  Morse code.
*(My old communication  occupation.)

* 7-13 is Archangel Gabriel's Day, messager of God, (This day was moved to Archangel Micheal's Day on Sept 29, the date I saw the ghost, 09+29+13=51, my baptism date 3+20+11 = 321 the Morse code binary, 101000001,  digital equivalent, "(✓51=7/14 is 1day of date after my DOB, date of birth.)

321 = Shin300, Kaph20, Alef1 is AKSh = Adam Kadmen Soul/Eve before vessel.
Or as a  palendron is AKS, Atika Kadisha Shaddai, the ancient holy one God Almighty.

*I prayed/ask God for proof of experience of a higher intelligence.

© Delynn
 I didn't know what to call it so my research blog...