The EVP question is, can a voice signal be broadcasted so that a voice is heard on a recorder? And what really are EVPs?

Here is a historical EVP you don't want to miss.

EVP audio commentary with Dr George Meek,

This is an EVP from my personal collection,

EVP on 20200918 if, "My name is Jerid," or "My name is Jerry,"

As a former communication technician, I realize that many forms of waves exist. In the recent decade, Americans changed from the old analog TV signal to the digital TV signal received with a converter box we use today. Although, many people use cable or satellite, the many types of signals exist.

The EVPs from my home are in a cell phone and TV signal dead zone. Meaning, there are few ways to get a signal. However, there are push notifications on cell phones that can transmit a missing person alert. Some apps alert you to severe weather while others have less serious issues. Either way, there signal can be transmitted which brings us to another serious issues, Illegal surveillance or hacking.

These days immoral hacking is now called, Ethical Hacking and Unethical Hacking. Either way, you systems online is never secure. Don't ever let someone tell you your PC or smartphone is hack free. Every word your say and every action to take can and will be used against you.

So, back to hauntings. Why would you hear haunting EVP's in your home other than hacking. Well, it could be that someone wants your home and you out of it. This would allow the ghost EVP hacker to purchase your home at a discounted rate and then cleanse it with the intentions of selling it at a considerably larger profit. You lose your home this way and you may have causation to seek damages or loss of enjoyment of house and home. But I'm not a lawler so do your due diligence before acting.

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Disclaimer: This is not legal advice or a substitute for such, so contact a professional.