Ghost Comm Binary Code

Ghost Comm Binary Code

Theoretical physicists James Gates explains binary code of reality. Fabric of the cosmos strings of binary code a special kind of math  special computer code  invented by Claude Shannon in 1940's.

Restart this video after Mr. Gates explains codes that describe supersymmetry.

Theoretical physicists James Gates explanation.

With what is familiar to mankind, at a 2013 ghost sighting that revealed Morse and/or binary code, 101, 000, 001 a communication in fundamental binary code taught to teach binary remainder calculation. With the Morse Code that links the 6x2 that reveal the hexagon linking the overlay of Hebrew letters Sh, K, A over the Star of David, which houses the 6 sided hexagon, revealed a Xx and Xy chromosome of mankind.
The E8 Magic Star geometrics link what is familiar to the Ghost Comm/Ghost Sighting binary code via the Star of David.

Ghost Comm binary code 101,000,001=#321.

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