Monday, January 22, 2024

Archangel Feast Day book Index

20240123 Book supplies

Creative content of universal language communication,
...THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, E8, mathematics & science index.

*Leather backed book, 7 stones, in a line dividing a circle that opens into a 3, 7/1/3.¢. Phi the Golden Ratio.
*Recordable sound gift card.
*Thick gold paper with depressions impression of object collage.
*arch angles impression. GPS NSEW cardinal directions compus.
*Geometry, science & mathematics stickers.
*Gold Art stickers.
*Orange ink.
*Gold leaf. Glider, self adhesive pager, & spray paint.
*Organic materials.
*Gold paper pages.
*Fold out wooden leaf dividers from back of book.
*Gears, world, universe metal stickers.
*use organic materials.
*Geometry Leonardo,  Galilao, & John Dee  7.13 math equation with universal constants values = universal language communication.
*7 Chokra frequencies.
*John Dee & me 433 yrs = 433 Hz.
*John Dee mona's hyroglyphica.
*Fatima date 7.13.
*Zodiac, Dates of birth.
*International Flag Code 11,1921.
*Music value references, Shofar blast.
*SOS, Speed of Sound. Theropy of Shock waves, SOS limit, latitudinal pressure wave, levitation standing wave, accoustic sound, etc.
*Math & science reference inserts.
*Temperature leaf interactive touchable.
*Phi, Pi, Euler's Constant, Plank, SOS, & SOL equation with 7.13.
*Fibonnoci sequence mom's DOB & me.
*SOL, Speed of Sound.
*Gravity equation. 9.800m/s = .0031088, = 360, = 321.74. = 21600 =  2159 is diameter of moon. 
*Sound & gravity equation from Morse code date, Date 2021.1119.
*Zero-G's. Antigravity, hover & levitation technology with equations.
*4 arch angles, =  4+ archangels, = 4 seasons.
*Rainbow, refraction equation.
*wood burning art.
*Math Symbols stickers,
*no reference to any Tarot cards for, 11 sun, 19, world, 21 universe but not 321 or 0 or 1 nor 7 or 13. But ok to use imagery in places of  reference "but not cards themselves." No magic,  negative folklore/mysticism. **This book is intended to be a math & science reference book in gold with my DOB.
*AF, Archangel Feast Day.
*AF, Audio Frequency range.
*3D fold outs, extra data, for maps, geometry.
*Create all 356 DOB, birthdays, & convert them into binary then add together on last page., What will it say?
*Jokes, Ask, what is next week's lottery numbers? question is the transformation of  alchemy=you into gold, your now education, self growth.
*different languages & alphabets.
*Math tables: 7.13^²=?, √7.13=?, 7.13 binary #, 7.13^³,⁴,..=?, ..etc.
*My ABCs & reference to Spasms ABCs. In other languages. My Old Tree Poetry.


...created by me!
To be updated