Sunday, January 5, 2020


Ghost Comm is a result of witnessing a ghost sighting on Sept. 29, 2013 between 12:03am, 00:09:29 hours and 12:15 am. The date and time is a palindrome which read the same backwards as forward. The poltergeist EVP or poltergeist EPP, electronic poltergeist phenomenon, was dash dot dash dot dot dot dot dot dash in Morse code and 101 000 001 in binary code as seen in the poster blow. The binary code translates to 321 which is associated with the ancient Hebrew alphabet shin, kaf, alef and when these letters are overlaid onto the star of david it creates the Xx and Xy chromosomes as seen in the poster below.
Sept. 29, is archangel feast day and through this ghost sighting I found out I was born on archangel Gabriel's day is messenger of God.

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