Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Ghost Comm ITC Code

Ghost Comm ITC Code 

On September 29, 2013, is archangel feast day, at 00:09:29, a ghost sighting occorred when Delynn entered the girl's bathroom.  *(Note the date is a palindrone which is read front and back the same.)
A white caucasion male walked out of the bathroom stall in full stride, in consecutive strides, vaperized in the second stride then that vaper shrunk to about 3 feet short collecting in on itself past a corner wall.

On the digital recorder was Morse or binary code, 101 000 001 in binary or
-.- ... ..- in Morse code. This code converts to 321 in binary and 11 19 and 21 in Morse code. Also known as ITC, INSTRUMENTAL TELECOMMUNICATION. Hence, the name, Ghost Comm ITC.

If 101, 000, 001, is laid out in rows and columns, like this...
000 ... Is a holy cross.

Like this,
The ones also make a right angle.
Draw a line around the three 1's, it reveals a two dimenational right angle.

Couple with Delynn's age of baptism 51, as a fraction .5151 and doubling it as 102, with Delynn's birth month July constillation,  is a Y shape, the code becomes a 3D cube geometrically then mathematally converts to Phi and Pi.

Where the binary code is 101, 000, 001 it converts digitally to 321.
The Morse code is 11+19+21 and adds up to 51 Delynn's date of baptism. 
*(As fractions or doubled these numbers are not exact but are the first 4 numbers so they are significantly close enough.)

PI, PHI with 102 or .51?
321 / (102=51x2) = 3.14+ is Pi.

3.14 x .5151 = 1.618+ is Phi.
Phi is the golden mean ratio.

1.618 / .515040 = 3.1415+ is Pi.
Pi divids a hexagon by 6 angles are 60 and Delynn's year of birth is 1960. 
Like Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, a devine heavenly message sighting. Additionaly, the Ghost Comm ITC binary code 101, 000, 001 is also in the Arecibo SETI signal for DNA that was sent into space.

In DNA, the rectangle hydrogen bond symbol connects to the hexagon the the pentagon. DNA, has palindrone sequences. When the 321 SHIN, KAPH, ALEF Hebrew Alphabet is over laid on to the Star of David, it reveals  the XxY DNA letters. See that earlier blog post.

In Hebrew Alphabet, the binary code is 321 is SH, K, A.

In English alphabet, the Morse code is 11, 19, 21 is K, S, U.

The binary 1 & I, ( Io, 6, )  can be connected to create a 6. A lot of the numbers in the Ghost Comm ITC code reduce down via numerology to 6.

This lock factory code is 10, 20, 30, 0 is Dr. Stevenson's after death research for after death communication experiment. He has this lock. See previous post. This is my lock. I didn't know the combination. And I think it's broken. I bought it that way unintentionally.

More codes...
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