Friday, December 10, 2021

Date, Time, & Location

Date, Time, & Location by Numberology.

A ghost sighting occured on Archangel Feast Day, 
It's eighter an EVP or an ITC message on Archangel Feast Day.

*(51 = 11+19+21) The Morse code.

**(51= 09+29+13) Archangel Feast Day date.)

***(102= 51+51) My second baptizm. The holy key number.

AMy arrival time was 
12:03 am is also Binary Code & my
Departure time
12:15 am.

1+2+1+5=9 or 12+15=27(2+7=9) see how 9 is used below.

The Ghost Comm ITC occured at

48W, 101 N. Is the Latitude & Longitude.

Add the number in gematria style is 
4+8=12(1+2=3) Binary Code and 
1+0+1=2 or the binary code  (101000001=3) and (101000001/9=1,222,222.33).

*9 used from above.

So the Binary Code 321 or 123 is the location.

Here where it is on GPS. 

48 N, 101 W: North Dakota.

Check back for more updates.