Thursday, September 29, 2022

7.13 Archangel Gabriel's Day Synexus

7.13 Archangel Gabriel's Day Synexus.

Plank is 662.89E-³⁴/7.13= 9.29+E-³³, 9.29 being Archangel Feast Day.
Morse code is also Planck, 663.

Archangel Gabriel's Day, synexus, is 7.13. Why me? Because I saw ghost who left Morse/binary code message on Archangel Feast Day, date 09+29+13=51, Morse code 11, 19, 21 & binary 101000001=321.
321/(102=51+51) =3.1470+, mathematically, 2x3.1470+x321 = 2020.411+ is April 11th 2020, Passover, the 102 Day of the year. 102 is th Noble number on periodic table. 

Acheangel Gabriel gave a message to Mary she would be with child, celebrated as the Announciation Day is March 25, my mom died, March 24, Queen Elizabeth I, QEI,  died & both at age 69. Mary Queen of Scot died 1792.8²×10^−4 = 321+, the binary code.
John Dee, worked for QEI, as a spy which was the inspiration for 007 movies. 

Similarly,  Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun, 2nd massage on 7.13, also John Dees DOB, Mathematically,  7.13x(Phi=1.618) =11+, 7.13x (Euler's constant=2.7+) =19+, & 7.13x (Pi=3.(-.14) =21 but 7.13/3.14159 =22+ for the deciphering Shakespeare sonnet, Edward De Vere. 

Queen Elizabeth I took thrown on Nov 17th, also the 321 day of the year know as Queen Elizabeth Day.

The 2nd Fatima message was on 7.13 says, "STOP THE WAR." The Third message was not to be opened till 1960. So why do I care? Because  7.13.1960 is me, Fatima, & John Dee spoke with archangel Gabriel.

I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day 09+29+13=51, 51 being the age I was baptized.  It's a message or my own insights but whatever it was, it's been a great ride into "What mankind knows."