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Fatima Prophacy Fulfilled

Fatima Prophacy Fulfilled in February 18, 2023.

7.13.1960 is Fatima, Miracle of the Sun, a devine message to...


& the 7.13.1960 assassination prophecy fulfilled in 2023.

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3/21/22 found source video posted with follow content. See link below.

1917 Russian revolution started 1st "atheist" communist state.

1917/8 Portuguese message immaculate heart of Mother Mary.
3rd of Message without her heart, errors of war would speak across the world.

3/25/1984 so the Pope fulfilled preformed the consecration heart of Mother Mary.

2000 John Paul II review 3rd final message. 

A man in a white rob on a hill like Calvert, would be killed. 

(Meaning religion man would die, death of religion & an assassinations of pope.)

1944 sister Lucia Santo, wrote, but selled, the 3rd message. Not to open til 1960.

3/13/1981 not the same as John Paul II, Pope's assassinations attempt.
...with 7/13 is one of 3 dates Mother Mary gave the Fatima messages.

1942 Pope Pius XII  intercede in WWII,

1984 Pope John Paul II renewed Russian people's to immaculate heart of Mary.

3/25/84 Sister Lucie wrote, it will be done as E M Mary said. The consideration of Russia will lead to peace.

2010 Benedict XVI also renewed consecration.

2/24/2022 Russia invaded Ukraine.
3/25/22 Pope renewed consecration. of Ukraine & Russia. *(My mom's DOD.)

2023/2/18 Bishop David O'Connell was murdered in Los Angeles. 1500 block of Janlu Avenue just before 1 p.m. Saturday.
*(Los Angeles translates to The Angels.)


Bishop David O'Connell was murdered 2.18, 7^²+13^²=218 ...x 10^-²= 2.18, February 18th.

Ukraine/Russian War & the 3rd Secret of Fatima.
*****Posted 3/21/22 by,

7.13.1960 My DOB.
...Also, Fatima, Miracle of the Sun, devine message.
Prophacy: A Religious man in white rob was assassinated on a hill, was prediction  at Fatima in 1944? by Sister Lucie.
...7.13 is the day of archangel Gabriel's Synesis & John Dee's DOB.
...7^²+13^²=218 x 10^-²
= 2.18. note: 10^-² has same numbers as 102 & is the Nobel number on the periodic table.


1. Fatima 7.13 prophacy date adds up to the 3rd message which was not to be opened until 1960. 

7^²+13^²=213...x10^-²=2.18 or February 18th.

2. The Ukraine Russian Fatima video was posted on 3.21. I was baptized 3/20/11. 321 is the binary code left by a ghost spirit on 9/29/13, Archangel Feast Day. 321/102= (π 3.1470+ x 2 x 321 = 2020.411+.)  April 11th is Passover & the 102 day of the year.

3. The Fatima message was about stopping the Ukraine Russian War.

4. The last or 3rd Fatima message was not to be opened til 1960. ...because it is about assassion of a religious man wearing a white rob on top of a hill. 

5. 7.13 is Archangel Gabriel's Synesis Day, John Dee's DOB who created the Enochian Angelic Alphabet in 1564, Mr. Miller DOD 1955, My DOB, & Fatima.

6. Pope Francis renewed consecration of Russia on March 25. 3/25 was the date my mom died but in different year.

7. Feb. 18 or 2.18 is is the sum of the Fatima 7.13 message. And in 2023 on 2.18, Pastor David O'Connell was murdered.

The date the Fatima Prophacy was reveiled July 13 adds up to the date the prophecy occured. 

July 13 adds up to 2.18.

7^²+13^² = 218.. x10^-²= 2.18.

7.13.1960 MY DOB & 2.18 IS MY SIBLINGS DOB. 

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