Thursday, October 21, 2021

102 Pi Phi

20211020 Update. This has turned out to be a very interesting encounter. 

A signals discovery from beyond when an ITCs paranormal activity occured on Sept 29, archangel feast day, when ghost revealed itself.

Check out this one of a kind intellectual Morse code 11, 19, 21, or 11+19+21=51, and binary code, 101 000 001 =321, message that when multipled by the digital equivalent of the binary code message equals Pi, Phi, 102=51*2 strangely links by 2πR (2x3.14758823x321=2020.411+ is the 102 day of the year. ) math formula that links to the 102 day is April 11, 2020 year. Extra is 3.1415x.5151=  1.618+ Phi.

It's the link to the 102 day that is interesting. As the age I was baptized on March 20, 2011, or 03+20-11, is like 321. The Morse code equals 51=11+19+21 and likewise, the sighting date equals 51 = 09+29+13.
51+51=102. *(1+0+2=3). Hmm!

From the Fibenocci sequence 0, 1 1, 2, 3... to Pi and Phi, and is the binary code is in the Arecebo message sent I to space in 1974, Gematria, numberology, DNA and more.

Also see the other findings to what man link knows.

Click on the image below to see to see the hidden notes.
See the chart below.

Chart 1.

Ghist impression Sept 28, 2013.

Spirit cloud photograph on June 2, 2013.

Drive by photograph by Delynn Addams Lutheran Church.

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