Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Adam Kadmon Link

On Sept 29th a ghost sighting occurred which revealed Morse/binary code that continues to produce communication beyond my level of understanding. See chart.

*It was on Archangel Feast day, it's in the format of the ancient Hebrew Shofar horn blast that communicates, I was a communication technician who, through this code, found I was born on archangel Gabriel's day, a well known ancient communicator. (Why its a biblical haunting I don't know. My Pastor recently texted me,..."the evil in  your life.")

**I previously linked the code by numerology to π Pi & Phi the golden ratio via the date & age I was rebaptized and now to Adam and his soul name before merging with his body, Adam Kadmon. And so much more. See chart below.

See the other blog posts for more code links and code clues to what mankind knows like DNA, the Arecibo message, Fatima the Miracle of the sun, numerology etc..

***I'm looking for more answers to this code.  A higher math link. Please contact me if you see something more about this ITC code. 

View an Example of the Ghost Comm Event