Friday, April 1, 2022

How to See a Ghost

Try this experiment. How to see a ghost? Or a pareidolia ghostly impression.

SUPPLIES.  A used clear empty water bottle with cap, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol, & flashlight, & glass/plastic or other prism, & a slowmotion camera. Find an slowmotion smartphone app online.

Set up a slowmotion camera with a black background.
Using an empty water bottle with only one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol,

Slightly squeeze the water bottle to release some air so it is twistable.
Place the cap on the bottle, twist the bottle into an hour glass shape.

At 42° to 45° degrees, like a rainbow, place slowmotion "camera ON".
Stop to calm your thoughts...

Additionally, When you stare at the orange blue image...WHEN TURNED TO GRAY..your mind fills in the gray with complementary colors green & blue. See at link below.

Release the cap on the twisted water bottle to view the vapor.
Ever so slightly, squeeze the upper water bottle chamber to release vapor.

Go back to the camera to view film "frame by frame" to see if you caught a ghostly impressions on camera. Take a screenshot to share.

Young's Double Split Experiment.

Science behind this experiment. This partial wave experiments was created by Thomas Young in May 1801, who used an electron gun partial wave. The famous particle experiment reveals when we look at something it becomes reality. 

So the ghost or some shape, a pareidolia ghostly impression is likely.

Science theory behind Thomas Young Double Split Experiment.

You do NOT need an electron gun. Use a flashlight with a prism at 42° to 45° angle.

Experiment Supplies...

Only use a little rubbing alcohol.

How to create cloud in a bottle video.
Or how to see a ghost.

View vapor from my roof on a cold day. As I looked at it, the vapor changed the moved differently.

How to See a Ghost Experiment instructions. You try it and share your results online.
TikTok video.
YouTube video.

More to come.

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