Thursday, June 16, 2022

God Particle Spiritual Particles


Ghost Comm ITC, an ADC.
*(ITC, Inter Transcommunication & ADC, After Death Communication.)

I saw a ghost on Archangel Feast Day, 09+29+13=51, I was born on Archangel Gabriel's Day. John Dee, advisor to Queen of Elizabeth, was born on 7+13=20. My mom's grandmother and grate grandfather are Windsor. Mom told me,  when I was born,...
(07+13+60= 80 or 8, or
7+1+3+6= 17 or 8, or
Mom liked the Zodiac.) My birth chart grand aspect sextile symbol is the Star of David.)
...she had an arranged marriage because she, we, are descendents of the Royal Windsor family. Grandma cooked a white cake for the Queen. Who died 03+30+01=7, and mom died 03+25+01=11, just days earlier. Jesus (Is Jesus Chris resurrection near March 28, the Zodiac grand aspect sextile symbol the Star of David?)
I later grow up to become a communication technician and a consumer electronic tech.

How the numbers all add up?


The ghost revealed a message in Morse code, 11, 19, 21=51, or binary code 101,000,001=321 or just 3, (3/9?).


These numbers  become a Spiritual  Particle when the ghost's code is assigned to the right side of a 60 second clock, then the polar opposites lines are drawn to show the cardenial directions to  create a hexagon. When the Zodiac Cancer sign is overlaid on the hexagon, it creates the cube.  Two triangles, or 3 rectangles cann also be added to create the Star of David. *(Is it Jesus grand aspect sextile rebirth Zodiac sign?)  It's also my collective family Zodiac sign, revealed here in, is my mom's family Zodiac gemstone wedding band as well as my Zodiac grand aspect birth sign.

Finally, overlay spinning signs of the Seed of Life with 7 circles or the Fruit of Life with13 circles to reveal the Spiritual  Particle. *(7/13/60 is my DOB while 6 from 60 degrees angles of the hexagon is ...
6+13=19 &
*(1960= 1+9+6+0=26=8 or 19+60=79=7+9=16=8  has no know references until 8 is turned on its side to create the Infinity sign OO, eyes like the snake eyes on the Cancer Zodiac.)
... 11, 19, 21 is the Morse code the Ghost left on Archangel Feast Day to me born on Archangel Gabriel's Day.
Surely, a devine message I'm suppose to share with the world.


Star of David
Overlaid spinning Seed of Life

God's Particles, the Eve particle, 

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