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Lunar Eclipse Monas Hieroglyphica Alternative

20230821 JOHN DEE's July Lunar Eclipse alternative observation of his  Monas Hieroglyphica.

Although John Dee was born on a full Moon, a lunar eclipse occured on July 28, 1527 after John Dee was born on July 13, 1527 DOB. 


John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica top half is a lunar eclipse with the half circle crescent moon overlaid onto a circle sun. ( Leo constellation, a circle with S cover.)
The crab claws of  constillation Cancer. (Cancer Y constellation is the cross.)
Then the lower half with a cross of 2 L's for DANJON SCALE value at L1=1.5384 and a Simicircle, 2 half circles,  denoting twins, "2", of  the Gemini constellation, the Twins of St Elmo's Fire.
(Gemini, St Elmo's Fire, )

Lunar Eclipse Monas Hieroglyphica as letters,
C, O, LL, CC,
3, 15, 12:12, 3:3.
Or 3+15+24+6 = 48.
Or 3+15+(3.0768=1.5384+1.5384)+6, = 27.

Moon Specs.
1080 Moon radius.
2160 Diameter.
6792 Centimeter,
238,000 distance to Earth.

Lunar Eclipse Monas Hieroglyphica by the numbers,
7692 Moon diameter,
580k Sun distance between moon & Earth,
L1=1.5384 at 2 L's DANJON SCALE,
7.13 Y Cancer Constillation.
Leo above & Gemini below.

NOTE, 7692/5=1.538.4.
The 7692 diameter of the Moon divided into 5 crescent Moons equals the same value of 1 L Danjon Scale, 1.5384, is the second valve.

14.6M sqr miles Moon.
= 2,920,000 is 1/5 Crescent Moon.
L1=1.5384 Danjon Scale 2nd value.
At 580,000 miles distance SOL between  Earth to Sun.
At the time of Cancer constillation 7.13, July 13th, 1527, birth of John Dee.
FORMULA by Coordinatence:  Area, luminousity, distance & time.

Stellar Coordinate with Right Ascension & Declaration. Formula?
s(t) = a(t) · r = #.

Luminosity distance: distance obtained by comparing the observed flux (or apparent magnitude) with the emitted luminosity (or absolute magnitude): f = L/(4πdL2) or m – M = 5 log(dL/10).

In the equatorial coordinate system, the right ascension coordinates of these borders lie between 07h 55m 19.7973s and 09h 22m 35.0364s, while the declination coordinates are between 33.1415138° and 6.4700689°. Covering 506 square degrees or 0.921% of the sky, it ranks 31st of the 88 constellations in size.

Cancer constellation is viewed in March at  latitudes +90° to -60°. Cancer means 'the crab' in Latin in Greek mythology.  It's in the geometric form of an upside down 'Y'.
...Like John Dee's
"Tree of Rarity"
or the Pythagorean Y,
3 degrees at 137.5° x 2,
= 275°+85°= 360°.


2,920,000, =7962/5,
... 1.5 Crescent Moon Area.
580k Distance.
1.5384 L1 Danjon.
7.131527 July time.

.... 0 to 4, Lunar light scale. L0, L1, L2, L3, L4.
The luminosity of the Sun is 3.846 × 1026 watts,
...(or 3.846 × 1033  ergs per second).
3.847/5= 0.7692.

PENUMBRA, Partial lighter shadow of a lunar eclipse.

Crescent moon lit area.

SYZYGIA, Greek word, meaning to be yoked together or conjoined, a eclipse alignment.

NASA'S Lunar eclipse.

More to come.

by Delynn Addams.

For educational purposes.