Thursday, August 24, 2023

Alternative Monas Hieroglyphica

An alternative observation of the John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica.

The Taurus, aka bull's horns, crown or moon, and circle with dot, aka GodHead, Sun, etc. are an lunar eclipse like the July 28th, 1527 15 days after John Dee was born, 7.13.1527.
*{Ox="A", hand = O/L GammaRays="Ka", & Fire, Shin Aries ="S": "AKS".}

The cross is. 7 & 1 while the Aries humps are the 3 on it side making John Dees DOB, 7.13.

My alternative of John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica with John Dee's date if birth and other mathematical constants.

13:7 is the Alpha, Taurus.
7.13 is John Dee's DOB.
Mercury is Alpha.
L is the DANJON SCALE eclipse light.
Germ of Life 6 Monas Hieroglyphica heads arranged in a circle. Hexagon.
Dodecahedron using the end of the Monas Hieroglyphica arranged in a circle creates 12 sides.
A magenta monas hieroglyphica, using Greek letters,
1, *, Alpha, A.
3, L, Gamma, Y, sun rays.
:, proportion, 
700, Psi. quantum mechanics.
Pythagorian Y,
Tree branches of Unity.
Y, arranged in a hexagon & Star.
Triangles which John Dee used to sign his name.
Crescent moon, sun partial lunar eclipse & 7.13 as John Dees DOB.
A lunar eclipse occured on July 28, 1527, the same month of John Dees DOB.
The "L" DANJON SCALE (1921) of shadows on lunar eclipse.
#7 of circles making the SEED OF LIFE symbol.
#13 circles of the Fruit of life symbol.
#7.13, some (7) seven fonts have a horizontal line to distinguish between 1 & 7.
John Dees name & DOB, 7.14.1527.
Formula: John Dees DOB 7.141527  Time Archangel Feast Day date 9.291527 equals Planck 662.6.
2160 Moon.
238900 MLS between Earth & Moon.
SOL 186282, LIGHT speed.
1.3 Sec for light calculation.
Planck value 662.607015 x 10^-³⁴.

Monas Hieroglyphica by John Dee 7.13.1537 to 1608 & how it links to the Archangel Feast Day 2013.

On Archangel Feast Day 9+29+13=51, I saw a ghost walk out of in a hotel bathroom stall. He took one step then vaporizer on his second step. The vapor then shrunk down and reached out like fingers past the corner of a wall towards the cinks. Months later,  on my recorder, I listened to that day and found clicking like Morse code.

-•-, •••, ••- as 11, 19, 21, KSU, and 101,000,001 as 321. 

I've been trying to find "what man kind know" since 2013. This blog is my diary to try to find out what happened.

These are my photos. The Minot Lutheran church drive by photo of a holy ghost, a June 2, 2013 Eucourest Day is the body of Christ and a photo likeness of the ghost I saw on Archangel Feast Day 9+29+13=51. 52 being the age I was baptized.

More to come.

Campfire Ghost story
by Delynn Addams Designs.